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  • Implant Supported Fixed Denture
  • Implant Supported Over Denture
  • Dental implants


    Dental Implant is of the modern techniques to replace missing tooth/teeth. Dental Implant is placed in available bone structure left after tooth/teeth extraction. Dental Implant is consists of three components (root component known as implant post, abutment and crown/prosthesis). Implant post is placed inside jaw bone and it functions same as root of natural tooth’s root. Crown is mounted above abutment. Abutment acts as junction between implant and crown. 



    Dental implant and abutment is made of titanium. Titanium is most biocompatible material and it integrates well with bone and surrounding soft tissues. In addition, titanium is strong enough to withstand the chewing force.


    Implant intervention makes possible to restore masticatory function.


    We perform 40-50 implant cases yearly.


    Why to replace missing tooth/teeth with Implant?


    • The lost tooth must be replaced as soon as possible, early replacement of tooth will stop bone loss.


    • Replacing missing tooth/teeth with implant is lifelong option. If you can maintain your oral health to utmost, than implant will last longer as natural tooth.


    • Implant supported tooth are identical to natural tooth. It replaces both function and aesthetic same as natural teeth.


    • IF missing tooth is not timely replacement, drifting of adjacent tooth to empty space happens and it increases incidences of food impaction, tooth decay, gum problem, muscle strain and sometimes TMJ clicking or pain on movements.


    • Implant supported tooth/teeth do not need special care; it can be maintained as other natural teeth.


    Who are suitable candidates for dental implants?


    • All adults who have missing tooth/teeth.


    • People who have compromised functional and aesthetic issues due to missing one or more teeth.


    • Patients with removable prosthesis and wants to replace them with fixed options.




    Implant placement Procedure Steps:


    Specialist can insert dental implant in bone after tooth extraction. If required, you can receive a temporary crown on implant. Permanent crown placement is done after osseointegration is over. Osseointegration is direct structural and functional connection between living bone and an implant post. Osseointegration requires 3-6 months. Osseointegration duration depends on jaw (upper and lower) and quality of bone. After osseointegration, we move forward to finalize the treatment with definitive crown.




    • Removal of damaged tooth/teeth


    • Jaw preparation for implant placement


    • Dental Implant Placement


    • Bone healing and osseointegration


    • Abutment Placement


    • Artificial Tooth Placement




    How to replace missing natural tooth with dental implants


    • Crown on Implant


    • Bridge over Implants


    • Fixed bridge on 4 Implants


    • Fixed bridge on 6 Implants


    • Semi-fixed prosthesis over Implant


    Crown on Implant


    If you have single missing tooth and remaining natural teeth are in good condition, then crown on implant is ideal solution for you.


    Single implant prevents adjacent natural teeth from intervention. It gives an opportunity to replace missing tooth.





    The bridge over the implants


    If you have missing more than single tooth and your remaining teeth are healthy, the bridge over implants is ideal solution for you.


    If bridge is planned to replace the missing teeth, we need to extend and involve more natural tooth in bridge to neutralize the chewing force. Implant supported bridge will preserve the health of healthy teeth.




    Fixed bridge on 4 dental implants


    If more teeth are missing, teeth can be replaced by placing multiple implants. This rehabilitates the dental arch which will make you to regain full chewing function and aesthetic as well.






    Fixed bridge on 6 dental implants


    The fixed bridge on six implants is the best solution to solve edentulous problems. It treatment restore the function, muscle tonicity and aesthetic.




    Semi-fixed prosthesis on implants


    If you lack all teeth as well compromised bone which can compromise the function of fixed denture, we can provide you various semi-fixed implant supported.


    The semi-fixed prosthesis requires 4 implants for stability of denture during chewing and speaking.